Security officer or Security guard means the licensed and registered person hired to safeguard and protect persons and property, by (A) the detection or prevention of any unlawful intrusion or entry, larceny, vandalism, abuse, arson or trespass on property such security officer is hired to protect, or (B) the prevention, observation, or detection of any unauthorized activity on property the security officer was hired to protect. Such security officer may be (i) employed by a security service, or (ii) employed by a business and is a uniformed employee who performs security work on the premises of the employer’s business when such premises are located in an area that is accessible and unrestricted to the public, or has access only by paid admission.
No. Connecticut does not accept Security Officer Certifications from any other states. You must register for class and obtain a Connecticut Security Officer’s License (CT Guard Card).
Call the CT Dept of Emergency Services & Public Protection at 860-685-8290 & they will be happy to explain the process if you lost your license. If you lost your license please do not call as we can not help you with that particular issue. Your license is good for 5 years. Currently it costs $100 every 5 years to renew your license and there is no course you have to ever take again as long as you do not let it expire.
Generally speaking, applicants must be 18 years of age and have not been convicted of a felony or sexual offense. Must be a citizen or resident alien of the United States.
Yes. You must first obtain a permit to carry a pistol in the state of Connecticut. Then you must obtain a CT Guard Card. Then you can begin to apply for armed security officer positions. Once you obtain a position, you must find out what kind of weapon the company who hires you wishes you to carry. Either they will supply you with that weapon or you must go out and purchase one. Once you obtain that weapon you must then attend a class to obtain a permit to carry a pistol while working (CT blue card) to work in Connecticut as an armed security officer/ guard for a security agency. Referrals are available. You will then show the certification to your new employer and they must register you with the state police in Middletown as an armed security officer employed by that company and pay the $40 registration fee. Then you can go to the state police in Middletown and for $62 they will trade your pistol permit for a blue card. The CT blue card is weapon specific so the only weapon you will be allowed to carry on your person or in your vehicle on your way to work, while your at work, or on your way home from work will be the one you qualified with. You should definitely call me with any questions on this subject matter if you have any and I will be happy to clarify it for you.
You can register and pay online right here at this website. Click here to register and pay online.
It depends. Retired Police should call the State Police and see what they say. Some officers they will tell you must attend and some don’t have to. Since I’m confused I’ll have you call them and let them set you straight. If you call me I’m going to refer you to them because I guess it’s on a case-by-case basis apparently and I am no judge so call the State Police because they are in charge of all of us. Corrections are not exempt and must also take the Connecticut guard card course.
The Connecticut Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection (CDESPP) and local police departments. ***The (CDESPP) is known to reject fingerprints they do not take unless they are up to standard. Sometimes police and private companies make a little smudge or mistake and we recommend to you only make one trip to get your prints done at the (CDESPP)!!!*** SCAM ALERT!!! Some CT companies will scam you and charge you $50 for fingerprints and the state (CDESPP) only charges $15!!! Be alert of this scam by some CT companies that charge you for fingerprints!!!
Every 5 years for a $100 fee. No classes necessary as long as you don’t let it expire.
Depends on how you paid. If you paid by Paypal, Debit Card, or Credit Card there is a $25 fee for a duplicate and if you paid by cash or money order there is a $50 fee for a duplicate.


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